WordPress Events Plugin

wordpress events plugin List of Attendees

Our WordPress events plugin allows you to easily display a full list of all people attending your event. Simply add the shortcode with the corresponding event ID, and our events management plugin will automatically pull the list of attendees for that particular event. Easily display the attendees list on any page or post on your website.

Attendee List for Party Rock Café

Attendee #Attendee Name
2.3 3
3.2 22
4.3 33
5.4 44
6.Artem Artem
7.MW Bassadien
8.gfhdf dghdf
9.G G
10.Jaconb Gomze
11.1 hfgh
12.Anne Jimson
13.Firstderb Lastderb
14.Màrius Mansilla
15.Daniela Möller
16.Yggg Tcvj
17.Test Test
18.Людмила Задьор