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wordpress events management system


Now its easy to keep track of all your attendees through our events management plugin. View and edit attendees information, export attendees list, remove or add attendees manually through the admin section. Export attendees list in CSV or XLS format.

wordpress events management system

Event Tickets

Sell tickets for your events online through our events management plugin. You can create as many tickets as you like with different prices. Additionally, you can also create discount coupons and apply them to your event tickets. Can’t get any easier than that.

wordpress events management system

Plugin Settings

Setting up your plugin is a breeze with our events management plugin for WordPress. Through the settings section you can control the calendar colors, payments gateways, notification emails, captcha, waitlist, taxes, social icons, and basically all features in the plugin.

wordpress events management system

Event Payments

Keeping track of your event payments is extremely important for your events. Through our events management system its easy to see who has paid for your event, the amount paid, the number of attendees, outstanding payments, post manual payments, and much more.

wordpress events management system

WordPress Events Management System

Managing your events just got a whole lot easier. Through our wordpress events management system section you can keep track of your event’s status such as expired or active events, retrieve shortcodes for individual events, and you can also delete, edit, or make copies of your events with one click.

wordpress events management system

Plugin Dashboard

The plugin’s dashboard is the cockpit of your ship and you are the captain. Here you can view short summaries of latest events, latest payments, latest categories, and latest attendees. Stay on top of your events with one single dashboard view.

wordpress events management system

Custom Fields

Each event is different, therefore, each event should have its own questionnaire for attendees to fill out. Events Plus to the rescue! Our events management plugin allows you to create different forms for different events. Furthermore, you can add your own custom fields to any event registration form.

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Event Categories

Finally, Categorizing your events its important in order to keep them well organized. Our WordPress events management plugin allows you to assign a color to each of the categories you create thus helping you find and identify events easier. Create unlimited categories with unlimited colors.

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