Events Calendar Plugin Installation

Installation for our events calendar plugin is the same as any other plugin. Simply go to the plugins section of WordPress, upload the events calendar plugin files, and activate the plugin. Here’s a quick tutorial in case you’re just getting started with WordPress.

Events Calendar – Add New

Go to the main menu of WordPress on the left side and hover over the Plugins menu, when the second tab opens, click on add new:

events calendar installation

Upload Plugin Files

Once you have clicked on add new, you will be taken to the plugins section of WordPress where you can upload the plugin files. Click on the “upload plugin” button and you will be prompted to search for the files in your computer:

events calendar upload plugin

Activate Your Plugin

Don’t forget to activate your wordpress calendar plugin once you have uploaded all files:

wordpress calendar activate

When the plugin is activated you will automatically see the Events+ main menu to the left. If you are new to WordPress you can get more information on how to manage plugins in the main WordPress codex documentation here.



  1. Ida

    Sorry. I thought I needed an extra plug-in to show a Calendar. I found it in the widgets. But what is the shortcode?

    1. Daniel

      The shortcodes list is in the documentation folder of the zip file you downloaded from codecanyon.