WordPress Events List Shortcode

Adding your own WordPress events list to any page or post is very easy. Simply add the shortcode and it will automatically display the list of upcoming events.

WordPress Events List Shortcode


The above shortcode will allow you to add a full list of upcoming events. Keep in mind that this shortcode will display ALL upcoming events and not just a few.

wordpress events list

Limiting the Amount of Events to Display

[eventsplus_list limit=5]

The above shortcode allows you to limit the amount of events to display in the list. Simply add the variable limit=5 and change the amount =5 to the amount of events you wish to display. That’s it!

Display Events List for a Specific Category

[eventsplus_list event_category_id=”???”]

The above shortcode allows you to display a list of events for a specific category. Replace the above question marks inside the quotes with the actual category id and it will display an events list for that specific category only.

Display Expired Events


The above shortcode allows you to display all events that have already expired.

Display Events with NO EXCERPT :::NEW:::

[eventsplus_list limit=2 character_limit=3 show_excerpt=”yes”]

The above shortcode allows you to display all events with no excerpt. Just change the wording to Yes or No

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