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We’re happy to announce that our WordPress events manager plugin is undergoing some major changes under the hood. We are currently restructuring the coding and re-building the plugin on a new and improved framework. This will allow us more flexibility, reduce bug fixes, and will allow us to focus on what we want the most: Improvements.

It is not an easy task, hundreds of working hours and thousands of dollars are being invested into this new project. We believe this is the way to go if we want Events Plus to be the best events WordPress plugin on the market. In the meantime, everything will go as normal with our current plugin. We will continue to provide support, fix bugs, and add small improvements.

If you have not purchased our events registration plugin yet, now its the time to do it. We have some awesome improvements coming up that may affect the pricing in CodeCanyon so make a purchase now so you can lock in on the current price. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us using our live chat feature on this website.


Daniel S.

Working online for 10 years, first as an ebay seller, than as a logo designer, web developer, and now as a WordPress plugin and themes developer.


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