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Charity Event Theme

Charity Event Theme for WordPress

Find a charity event theme that allows you to easily create events and sell tickets online its a difficult task. Nevertheless, with all the options available it is hard to find a theme that has it all integrated. However, there is one theme that allows you to do all that and more. Introducing Eventastic. Our WordPress event theme allows you to easily create events, classes, or seminars and sell tickets to those events online using the power of WooCommerce.

With the all new single event design, now you choose what to display and how to display it. With all the tools avialable you can easily add google maps, even tickets, event coordinators, schedules and activities, countdown timers, and much more. Finally, you are in charge of the single event content. You can display simple event information or use any of the incorporated elements to enhance the design. In the end, you are the boss!

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