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The perfect WordPress school theme has arrived. With the all new single event design, now you choose what to display and how to display it. With all the tools avialable you can easily add google maps, even tickets, event coordinators, schedules and activities, countdow timers, and much more.


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Sandy Art Teacher

Our wordpress school theme allows you to easily create website for your online classes

Learn to Paint

Bernard Art Teacher

Our events theme allows you to create all types of classes for your online or offline school


Jane Doe

Event Coordinator

Jane Roe

Event Coordinator

Janie Doe

Event Coordinator


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WordPress School Theme Features

Our events theme allows you to easily create a website for all types of classes. Nevertheless, unlike other WordPress event themes, you don’t need to use a calendar or an events plugin in order for it to work, everything is all integrated into it including: events calendar, events list, events grid, and tons of elements to choose from. Finally, all event tickets are sold through Woocommerce so you don’t have to use a third party service to sell your event tickets.

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