WordPress Event Coupons

Creating your WordPress event coupons is extremely easy. Just follow these steps and you will be able to create coupon codes for all your events.

Creating your WordPress Event Coupons

First of all, the coupons section can be found inside the tickets section as they are related. Hence, start by going to the events management section of your plugin. Next, find the event you want to create your coupons for, than click on Manage, than click on the Fees/Items link as seen below.

wordpress event coupons

Consequently, you will arrive at the Events Items/Cost Management section. You will be able to find the events coupons section right below the event tickets list. Scroll down and you will find the following options:

Do you want to use a coupon code for this event? – Choose yes if you want to create a coupon code. Remember, a coupon code is a promotional code that you can tie to your event. Hence, the code is valid for a discount off the total registration cost.

Enter the code – Choose the code that will be used for your coupon. This should be a one word code with no spaces or extra characters. We recommend that you use ALL CAPS LIKE THIS.

Finally, Choose how much you would like to discount off the total price. Do not add a percentage here, you need to add the amount using decimal points like this -5.00. Be sure to add a – minus sign before the amount or the calculation will add the cost instead of deducting it.
wordpress event coupons
In conclusion, you can create as many event coupon discount codes as you want and share them with your attendees. If you have doubts, or need further assistance, you can search in our knowledgbase or create a support ticket if you are paid user.

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