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The new events plugin structure

Our events plugin has undergone some major changes in the back end. We have done lots of code refactoring, folder structure cleanup, and major security fixes. But the most important improvement has been moving to the (H)MVC (Model View Controller) which allows us to serve only the files needed both in the admin and the front end. This in turn allows for better function of the plugin and less conflicts with other themes and plugins. I have found a great blog post that clearly illustrates how the MVC paradigm works using legos. You can read more about it here. Take a look at some of the main functionality that has been added into version 2.0 below:

[process_steps type=”vertical” size=”large” number=”5″] [process_step title=”Code Refactoring” icon=”code” icon_color=”#0E6976″] the previous events plugin code was what most programmers call a “Spaghetti Code” which is basically a code that has not been well implemented and causes one fix to disturb the other, in other words, you never find the end of bug fixes because of this. This is why we decided to do code refactoring which is basically checking all files line by line to make sure that no errors exist.
[/process_step] [process_step title=”New Payments Flow” icon=”exchange” icon_color=”#0E6976″] We are reworking our events plugin from the ground up. All payment gateways are being reworked so that payments are posted automatically in the backend, users get notified with their payment information via email, and users cannot appear as registered without paying first.
[/process_step] [process_step title=”Mandatory Payments” icon=”dollar” icon_color=”#0E6976″] All attendees must now pay before appearing as registered for an event. In the previous plugin users were able to register without paying first, this was causing issues because they were taking seats that could be used by actual paying customers.
[/process_step] [process_step title=”Mutiple Payment Options” icon=”paypal” icon_color=”#0E6976″] With the new version 2.0 of our events plugin users will be able to choose which payment gateway they would like to pay with. In the previous plugin customers could only pay using the one and only payment gateway chosen by the admin. If admin has filled out payment information for all three payment gateways, users will have the option to choose which one to use during check out.
[/process_step] [process_step title=”New Free events Flow” icon=”thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#0E6976″] When admins choose to create a free event, all payment instances will be removed automatically. This means that the pricing calculator and any other payment references will not be visible anymore. Admins will also have an option to switch off registration for some events. We understand that some customers may want to use the plugin just for displaying events and this will be a good option for them.
[/process_step] [/process_steps]

So what else is coming up in the near future?

Well, we already have about 20-25 improvements lined up for version 2.0 including front end submissions, full events map, mailchimp integration, advanced events filtering, event venues, event coordinators, and much much more. I will create another post with all the upcoming improvements, I will even include a poll so you can help us decide which feature to work on next. If you are not a customer of our events plugin, take a second to make a purchase here it only costs $28 USD 🙂

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