WordPress Events List

New WordPress Events list design

After careful consideration and after receiving many tickets about layout issues with the WordPress events list element of our plugin, we’ve decided to give it a facelift. The design is being changed into a more simple and more responsive design. Below are some of the main characteristics of the changes that are taking place:

  • Removal of large calendar icons

    We are getting rid of the large calendar icons that were displaying to the right of the events list. These icons were causing conflicts and layout issues with some themes so we are going for a more simple look instead.
  • Moving Open Seats amount to the left

    We’re moving the open seats information right below the WordPress events list thumbnail. This will make the layout look less crowded and more organized.
  • Adding date, time, and address

    With the new WordPress events list design we’re adding the date, time, and address info in small letters and icons right below the event’s title. This will allow visitors to quickly browse through the event’s information.
  • Events Count Limitation

    Now admins will be able to limit the amount of events to display in the events list. Previously you could only choose the category of the events that you wanted to display, now you will be able to choose how many events you wish to show in the list.
  • Events Description Length

    As with the WordPress Events Widget, admins will now be able to edit the description length for all events. Previously there was a predefined amount of text to display for each event, now you will be able to choose how much text you want to display, you can make it as long or a short as you wish.
  • Specific Event Categories

    Want to display only specific categories? don’t worry, with the new WordPress events list you will be able to display lists of events based on specific categories that you choose.