Events Registration Page Configuration

Introduction: This is a very important part of the plugin’s events registration and configuration. Your event links in the calendar, events list, and events grid will not work if this section is not configured correctly. When the plugin is installed and activated for the very first time, it automatically creates […]

Event Registration Captcha

When you setup event registration for your events, it is important that you filter out any spam registration. This is why our wordpress events plugin allows you to setup google recaptcha on all your events. Google reCaptcha 2.0 What is google recaptcha? here’s how google explains it in simple terms: […]

WordPress Event Payments

Our WordPress event payments plugin allows you to collect payments online from all your attendees. You have four options to choose from: PayPal Stripe Offline Payments Each of these WordPress event payment gateways require different configurations which will be explained below in detail. Keep in mind that some of […]

WordPress Events Contact Information

The contact information of the General Settings section of our wordpress events plugin is pretty much self explanatory. This is where you add your company or business information such as the name, address, phone, and primary contact email. Business Name & Address Type your company name, street address, city, state, […]

Events Calendar Plugin Installation

Installation for our events calendar plugin is the same as any other plugin. Simply go to the plugins section of WordPress, upload the events calendar plugin files, and activate the plugin. Here’s a quick tutorial in case you’re just getting started with WordPress. Events Calendar – Add New Go to […]