WordPress Single Event Options

The WordPress single event options allow you to modify the single event design. The single event is where customers view all the important information regarding your event. They can view information such as the event date and time, event address, event fees, etc. etc. WordPress Single Event Main Options Show […]

WordPress Event Date and Time

Choosing your WordPress Event date and time is really easy. Additionally, you can create recurring events as well. In the section below you will learn how to set it all up. WordPress Event Date and Time First of all, start by choosing the start and end date of your event. […]

WordPress Event Venue

Add your WordPress event venue information and generate a google map on the fly. Let’s break down the sections on this tab to show you what each represents. Event Seating Capacity First of all, the event seating capacity section allows you to choose the amount of seats available for your […]

WordPress Event Creation

With our plugin, the WordPress event creation process is an easy task. Simply follow the instructions below and you will have your events running in no time. First of all, start by clicking on Manage Events in the main menu to the left, than click on the Add Event button. […]

WordPress Calendar Event Categories

Now you can create your WordPress calendar event categories the easy way. In this short tutorial I will show you how to create, assign colors, and consequently assign categories to your events. Getting Started First of all, click on the Event Categories link in the main menu to the left. […]

Event Booking Calendar Bulk Discounts

Event Booking Calendar & Bulk Discounts There are times when you need to create discounts based on how many people attend your event. We have recently added a new feature that allows you to do just that. Now with our event booking calendar plugin you can apply group discounts for […]

Event Calendar Tax Configuration

Event Calendar Tax Implementation There are times when you need to charge a tax for your events. Luckily, our WordPress event calendar plugin comes with an option to charge a tax rate on your events. Here’s a breakdown of how it works. First choose if you would like to charge […]

WordPress Events Calendar Settings

Setting up your WordPress events calendar is much easier than you think. In this section of our plugin you will be able to setup date and time format, colors, and much more. Furthermore, I will show you what each option represents and how it will affect your calendar’s design. WordPress […]

Events Registration Wait List

Events Registration Wait List for WordPress So your event is full and don’t want to lose potential attendees? Don’t worry, our wordpress event registration wait list feature allows you to add them into a wait list when seats are no longer available. In this section of our events plugin you […]

WordPress Event Confirmation Emails

Use our WordPress event email confirmation feature to send notifications to all your attendees when they register for your events. You have the option to choose if you would like to notify attendees as well as admins. To notify or not to notify? That is the question. You are the […]