Event Calendar Tax Configuration

event calendar tax configuration

Event Calendar Tax Implementation

There are times when you need to charge a tax for your events. Luckily, our WordPress event calendar plugin comes with an option to charge a tax rate on your events. Here’s a breakdown of how it works.

First choose if you would like to charge a tax or not:

event calendar plugin

Adding the tax rate for your events

Important: You must add your event calendar tax rate not as a percentage but rather as a decimal figure. To illustrate further, if you want to charge 20% on top of your event cost, than you would add it as a decimal figure like this: 0.20, if you want to charge 30% than you would add it like this: 0.30.

If your tax percentage is a bit more difficult than the one illustrated above, than your best bet is to use an online calculator for converting percentages to decimals. Finally, keep in mind that the event calendar tax will apply to all your events and not just a few. If you have further questions you are welcome to search our knowledgebase or create a support ticket. Cheers 🙂



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