WordPress Events Calendar Settings

wordpress events calendar settings

Setting up your WordPress events calendar is much easier than you think. In this section of our plugin you will be able to setup date and time format, colors, and much more. Furthermore, I will show you what each option represents and how it will affect your calendar’s design.

WordPress Events Calendar Setup

Events Calendar Time Format

Choose if you would like to display the time format as AM – PM or as a 24 hour format.

wordpress events calendar

Events Calendar Date Format

In the next section you can choose the date format starting with the day or the month.

wordpress events calendar date format

Display amount of seats available

The following option allows you to display the amount of seats remaining for any event in both the calendar and the events list.

wordpress events calendar seats

wordpress events calendar

Events Calendar start day of the week

This option is quite simple, just choose if you would like your week to start on a Sunday or a Monday.

wordpress events calendar

Display Category Colors in Calendar

This option allows you to choose whether you would like to display category colors in the calendar or not. Consequently, the colors will appear at the bottom of the calendar as seen below.

wordpress events calendar colors

wordpress events calendar category colors

Events Calendar date selector options

wordpress events calendar

Do you want to use the date selector? The date selector is the top part of the calendar where you can choose the month and year to filter events in the calendar.

Do you want to show tooltip? The tooltip is the small window that pops up when you hover over an event in the calendar.

Calendar date selector background color Here you can choose the background color of the event selector so you can match the calendar to your theme or brand colors.

Selector text color If you choose a dark color for your background, be sure to choose a white color for the text.

events calendar wordpress

Events Calendar Header Options

Calendar day header background color you can further modify the events calendar by choosing the color for the calendar header. That is the section below the date selector.

Header text color Again, if you choose a dark color for your header make sure you choose white text so that it contrasts nicely.

Current day color The current day color stands out from the rest by letting the customer know which one is the current day in the calendar.

Current day text color this is the color of the text that will display inside the current day section of the calendar.

wordpress events calendar

This is it for the calendar section options of General Settings. If you have further questions or need some assistance, be sure to check out more articles in our knowledge base.


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